Days Since #Parkland with NO ACTION to Prevent Gun Violence

It’s been more than a month since the Parkland shooting. The state legislature in Tennessee has refused to debate any legislation to prevent gun violence, while continuing to move NRA-backed bills to allow more people to carry more guns in more places.

Two legislators, Sen. Lee Harris and Rep. Dwayne Thompson, have led the fight for evidence-based legislation to prevent gun violence following the Parkland shooting and others like it. 

SB 1472 would ban bump stocks, legal devices designed to mimic illegal weapons with no purpose other than to kill. The Las Vegas shooter used one to kill 58 people and injure 851, but no laws were broken until he shattered the window. We need to ban these devices once and for all.

SB 670 creates a gun violence restraining order. This is a way to bring mental health into the equation, and it’s worked into other states. A law enforcement officer could petition a judge to temporarily remove guns from dangerous people. This would save lives.

Unfortunately, the committee chairs charged with hearing this legislation refuse to schedule debate. We are demanding that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Brian Kelsey and House Civil Justice Subcommittee Chairman Mike Carter do their jobs and have a debate. Click here to tell them to #HearTheBill.