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Safe Tennessee Project Statement On Waffle House Shooting

This morning, we were shocked and devastated to learn of the mass shooting at the Antioch Waffle House that took the lives of four individuals and injured four others.  Customers were enjoying breakfast and employees were just doing their job when they were ambushed by a man armed with a military-style rifle he was prohibited from possessing.  If not for the

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Safe Tenn Youth Advocates Student Town Hall

The Safe Tennessee Youth Advocacy Board (YAB) will host a Student Town Hall on April 20th, the 19 year anniversary of the Columbine shooting.  Many schools across the nation and several in Nashville will participate in a walkout that day, as well. All Davidson County legislators have been invited as have all students in Davidson County.  The event will take

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Days Since #Parkland with NO ACTION to Prevent Gun Violence

Days since Parkland shooting with no action to prevent gun violenceCountup It’s been more than a month since the Parkland shooting. The state legislature in Tennessee has refused to debate any legislation to prevent gun violence, while continuing to move NRA-backed bills to allow more people to carry more guns in more places. Two legislators, Sen. Lee Harris and Rep.

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Lessons from the Front Lines of Gun Violence Prevention

The Never Again revolution is taking shape in real time.  Within days of the tragedy that killed their friends and shattered their lives, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School organized a grassroots movement, with well-defined policy goals and plans for a nationwide protest in March.  By so doing, these students challenged long-held narratives suggesting that nothing can be done

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What can be done to address gun violence in America? A lot, actually.

What can be done to address gun violence in America?  American gun violence is complicated. While there is no one single law that will forever end it, there are many evidenced-based policies that can reduce the number of people, including children, shot and killed every year in mass shootings, homicides, domestic violence shootings, firearm suicides, and unintentional shootings. Here are

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