Academic Research on Gun Violence Prevention Strategies

Every year, 33,000 American lives are ended by a bullet. If there are evidenced-based strategies that can reduce gun violence, we must study them.  A number of academics, physicians, mental health practitioners, and public health experts have studied the issue and published their findings.

Below are a series of academic research studies and publications related to strategies to reduce gun violence.

Community Distress Predicts Youth Gun Violence
Journal of Pediatric Surgery
April 2019

Childhood Trauma Exposure and Gun Violence Risk Factors Among Victims of Gun Violence
Journal of Psychiatric Trauma
January 2019

In the Wake of Orlando — Taking Steps against Gun Violence
New England Journal of Medicine
September 2016

Wollschlaeger v. Governor of Florida — The First Amendment, Physician Speech, and Firearm Safety
New England Journal of Medicine
May 2016

Focused Deterrence and the Prevention of Violent Gun Injuries: Practice, Theoretical Principles, and Scientific Evidence
Annual Review of Public Health
March 2015

Firearm Injuries as a Public Health Issue
Journal of the American Medical Association – Internal Medicine
April 2015

Guns, Society, and Medicine
The New England Journal of Medicine
February 2015

Implementing a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence Prevention: The Importance of Physician Engagement
Annals of Internal Medicine
May 2013

Preventing Gun Violence by Changing Social Norms
Journal of the American Medical Association – Internal Medicine
July 2013

Gun Ownership and Firearm-related Deaths
The Journal of American Medicine
October 2013

How Can Gun Violence Be Prevented? 5 Findings from APA’s New Report
American Psychological Association
December 2013