Safe Tennessee will be primarily focused on four legislative proposals in 2019.

Strengthening firearm dispossession
Tennessee is consistently in the top ten states for women murdered by men. Tennessee is also one of thirteen states that allow people prohibited from possessing guns to transfer them to a third party. However, our state’s third party dispossession laws are by far the weakest. We support eliminating the third party option. Offenders should be given the option to surrender firearms to law enforcement or to sell them to a licensed dealer only.
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Red flag laws
Also known as “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” (GVROs) or Emergency Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), this legislation would allow immediate family members or a member of law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily remove firearms from a person believed to be an imminent threat to themselves or others.
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Expanded background checks
Under state law, anyone purchasing a firearm from a gun seller with a federal firearms license (FFL) is required to undergo a background check. However, private sales – those that take place between a buyer and a seller who is not a licensed dealer – do not require a background check. Over 90% of Americans and over 80% of Tennesseans support expanding background checks to cover all firearm sales.
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MaKayla’s Law
MaKayla’s Law would hold an adult gun owner responsible if their choice to leave a loaded firearm accessible to a child under age 13 results in the child firing the gun and injuring or killing themselves or someone else.
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