The Safe Tennessee Project relies on data and statistics from a number of federal and state health, law enforcement, and public safety agencies to inform policy recommendations.

National Instant Checks System – NICS – Firearm Checks: Month/Year
Tracks number of NICS background checks

CDC’s WISQARS™ (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System)
The Center for Disease Control’s searchable injury database.  Customized queries can be run to obtain data on suicides, accidental shootings, and homicides.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – TBI – Crime in Tennessee Reports
Yearly publications that include data on types of crimes, including method, frequency and locations of crimes.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – TBI – TICS/Background Checks
Yearly statistics on the number of firearm background checks conducted by the TBI.  Includes number of background checks, number of denials, number of stolen guns recovered, and number of wanted felons apprehended as a result of background checks.

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security – Handgun Permit Statistics
Yearly reports on Tennessee handgun permits, including revocations, suspensions, and denials.