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What can be done to address gun violence in America? A lot, actually.

What can be done to address gun violence in America?  American gun violence is complicated. While there is no one single law that will forever end it, there are many evidenced-based policies that can reduce the number of people, including children, shot and killed every year in mass shootings, homicides, domestic violence shootings, firearm suicides, and unintentional shootings. Here are

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Safe Tennessee Project Statement on Parkland

Once again, we find ourselves watching gut-wrenching scenes of frightened American school children running across school parking lots with their hands in the air. Once again, we hear young people sharing heartbreaking stories of abject terror as they hide in their classrooms while semi-automatic gunfire echoes in the hallways of their school.  Once again, kids saw their classmates’ and teachers’

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Why Are So Many Nashville Students Dying?

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics reported that shootings are the third leading cause of death for American children.  The number of young people dying in Nashville is certainly evidence of this disturbing trend. *UPDATE: Since this post was published February 8, another Nashville teen has been shot.  16-year-old Demario Crowder was shot multiple times outside Pearl-Cohn High School just minutes

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Thefts from Gun Stores and Pawn Stores Are Sweeping America – and Tennessee

Across the nation, and here in Tennessee, thefts from gun stores and pawn shops are on the rise. The number of robberies of federal firearms licensees reported to the ATF have increased 227 percent since 2013 and burglaries of such gun purveyors are up 71 percent over that same period.  There are no federal laws requiring those with a federal firearms license (or

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Tennessee’s Growing Gun Violence Problem

Tennessee has continued the systematic loosening of our already lax firearm laws and based on legislation filed for 2018, that trend will likely continue.  Every year, the Tennessee Legislature rejects any effort to strengthen firearm laws and instead, passes legislation to further relax them. The gun lobby maintains that more guns more places for more people will make our communities

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