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In 2018, the NRA attempted to force Tennessee public schools to allow permit holding teachers and employees to carry guns on school property. In the House Civil Justice Committee last year, we heard over an hour of testimony in opposition to arming teachers. Much of the testimony came from law enforcement.  Both the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police and

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A Few Recent Examples of Why School Employees Carrying Guns in Schools is a Bad Idea

We conducted a systematic review of publicly-reported incidents involving mishandled guns on school campuses. We analyzed data from the Gun Violence Archive from the last two years. The majority of incidents we found over the last 24 months took place after Parkland, as the push to arm teachers and school employees increased across the country. Tennessee legislators are currently considering legislation

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Senator to Abuse Victims: Laws Don’t Work. Learn Self Defense

Tuesday was a horrible day for domestic abuse victims in Tennessee. Our state is currently 5th in the nation for women murdered by men and is consistently in the top ten states for domestic violence homicide. Yet, on Tuesday March 26th, under pressure from the NRA, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to overturn 2017 law that protected abuse victims AND refused to

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Domestic Violence and Third Party Dispossession

An important bill related to domestic violence and firearm dispossession will be presented today in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 3pm in Senate Hearing Room One.  The legislation, SB1025/HB1224, would require any third party taking possession of a domestic offender’s firearms to submit a sworn affidavit to the court affirming that they are legally allowed to possess firearms and acknowledge receipt of the

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