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*UPDATED FROM A PREVIOUS POST Friday night, 17-year-old Austin Payton Davis was at home with his siblings and grandfather and was “playing” with a gun when he unintentionally shot himself  in the head. He was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. This was the sixth unintentional shooting in August. Five of the incidents resulted in deaths. Three

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Volunteer Boot Camp Training!

After months of organizing and planning, we are ready to rollout our Volunteer Boot Camp training program!  These boot camps will cover everything from the history of the second amendment and the NRA, to federal and state gun policy, to legislation we are working on for 2019, to the many different ways that volunteers can use their time and talents to

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Two Little Girls Unintentionally Shot and Killed in Less Than A Week

On Friday August 4th in Stewart County, a 5-year-old girl was unintentionally shot by an adult family member who was either cleaning a firearm or clearing the chamber when the gun fired, striking the child in the shoulder. She was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. So far, no charges have been filed. And yesterday in LaFollette, a 10-year-old

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Tennessee Gun Violence in May: A Snapshot

What does a month of gun violence in Tennessee really look like? Over the 31 days of May, 131 Tennesseans were shot.  Eight-four were killed, an average of 2.7 per day. In the past, NRA President Wayne LaPierre has urged Americans to take up arms to protect themselves from the “terrorists, home invaders, drug cartels, carjackers, knockout gamers and rapers,

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