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Tennessee Gun Violence in May: A Snapshot

What does a month of gun violence in Tennessee really look like? Over the 31 days of May, 131 Tennesseans were shot.  Eight-four were killed, an average of 2.7 per day. In the past, NRA President Wayne LaPierre has urged Americans to take up arms to protect themselves from the “terrorists, home invaders, drug cartels, carjackers, knockout gamers and rapers,

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Six Murder Suicides in Tennessee in Four Weeks

In the last four weeks, there have been six murder suicides in Tennessee, resulting in the deaths of 14 individuals. These numbers do not include domestic violence shootings where the shooter kills a woman but not himself, or firearm suicides.  According to data from the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, every year in Tennessee, approximately 600 people, or 50 every month, use

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Stop Using Psychiatry to Sell Guns

It’s enough to make a psychiatrist cringe. Speaking just days after a 17-year-old student killed eight classmates and two teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas, incoming National Rifle Association (NRA) president Oliver North blamed mass shootings on a “culture of violence” in which many young boys have “been on Ritalin” since early childhood. Dan Patrick, the pro-gun Lt.

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Another school shooting. There have been 34 this year.

Another school shooting. Another group of grief-stricken, heartbroken families. Another student body traumatized at the sight of classmates gunned down in front of them.  Another community devastated. More photos of kids evacuating their school after a school shooting. More politicians sending thoughts and prayers who will do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening again.  More students accepting the reality

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Tennessee Gun Permit Revocations Up 316 Percent From 2010

Over the last ten years, Tennessee legislators have passed numerous laws expanding where gun permit holders can carry loaded guns, including bars, parks, playgrounds, festivals, college campuses, and public transportation.  Legislators supporting these laws say that we should implicitly trust permit holders as they are more law abiding than police officers. Handgun Carry Permit holders in #Tennessee have better criminal

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