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What can be done to address gun violence in America? A lot, actually.

What can be done to address gun violence in America?  American gun violence is complicated. While there is no one single law that will forever end it, there are many evidenced-based policies that can reduce the number of people, including children, shot and killed every year in mass shootings, homicides, domestic violence shootings, firearm suicides, and unintentional shootings. Here are

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Why are Tennessee Schools Promoting an NRA Gun Safety Program That Is Ineffective?

Yesterday it was brought to our attention that these National Rifle Association flyers were being sent home with children in the Franklin Special Schools District. The flyer touts the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program that focuses on teaching kids what to do if they encounter a firearm. Rather than emphasize to adults the importance of responsible gun storage, the program puts

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A Violent Weekend in Tennessee

In a 48 period, there were at least 12 shootings in Tennessee resulting in eight deaths. Three of the shootings were domestic in nature and involved family members, including a son-in-law who killed his mother-in-law and then shot, a husband who fatally shot his wife, and a son who fatally shot his father. Friday – Memphis Two men in masks

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