Five Tennessee children shot in three days

Monday afternoon, Timea Batts was shot and killed by her father.  Although he initially said she’d been shot after getting off the school bus, her father later admitted that he wastimea the one who pulled the trigger.  He said he was asleep and was startled by a noise and fired his weapon at her.  He has been charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence, false reporting and possessing a firearm as a felon

Timea was 11-years-old.

Over the last three days, five Tennessee kids have been shot.

August 8 – Hendersonville
11-year-old girl fatally shot by father who initially told police the girl had been shot outside after getting off her school bus.  Father charged with reckless homicide, providing a false report, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

August 8 – Memphis
A 15-year-old was shot on the first day of school.  Police have not said what led to the shooting or whether anyone is in custody.  The teen’s injuries were not life threatening.

August 8 – Nashville
A juvenile was shot near downtown Nashville.  The injuries were not considered life-threatening.  The juvenile was shot in the hip and leg.  No word any the identity of the shooter.

August 7 – Chattanooga
Three people were shot in a drive-by style shooting, including one minor under the age of 18.  The injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.  No one has been arrested.

August 6 – Memphis
4-year-old child caught is crossfire, grazed by a bullet. Unclear who fired the gun.  It is unclear who fired the gun and no arrests have been made.  The child’s injuries were not life threatening.

So far this year, according to data we have tracked from Gun Violence Archive, nine children and teens have been killed and 36 have been injured.

Tennessee children aged 0 – 11:
Fatalities: 6
Injuries: 18

Tennessee teens aged 12 – 17:
Fatalities: 3
Injuries: 18

Of those incidents, the majority have been “unintentional” meaning either a child accidentally shot themselves or someone or an adult accidentally shot a child.

Unintentional shootings involving children- deaths: 7
Unintentional shootings involving children- injuries: 15
Total unintentional shootings involving children: 22

Of the unintentional shootings of children, the majority were the result of an adult leaving a loaded gun unsecured and accessible.

Unintentional child shootings related to storage – deaths : 4
Unintentional child shootings related to storage – injuries to children: 10
Unintentional child shootings related to storage – injuries to adults: 1
Unintentional child shootings related to storage – total incidents: 15

No child deserves to be shot.  Everyone of these kids deserved better.

Guns did not protect them.  Guns did not keep them safe.  Gunshots injured 36 of kids and took the lives of nine more.