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Here are some other articles and studies related to Stand Your Ground:

Evaluating the Impact of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Self-defense Law on Homicide and Suicide by Firearm – The Journal of the American Medical Association

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Linked to Homicide Increase – Time Magazine

Man won’t face charges after shooting father in Florida parking lot because of ‘stand your ground’ law – The Tennessean

House Constitutional Protections and Sentencing Subcommittee

Rep. Micah VanHuss, Chair
Phone (615) 741-1717

Rep. Michael Curcio
Phone: (615) 741-3513

Rep. Rick Eldridge
Phone: (615) 741-6877

Rep. Bruce Griffey
Phone (615) 741-6804

Rep. Bo Mitchell
Phone: (615) 741-4317

Rep. Bill Sanderson
Phone: (615) 741-0718

Rep. Paul Sherrell
Phone (615) 741-1963