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Our Legislature Wants to Make it Easier for Convicted Violent Felons to Get Their Gun Rights Back

Yes, you read that right. Here’s the official summary of SB 1613/ HB 1565: Present law provides 10 defenses that a defendant may assert when charged with illegal possession of a weapon; provided, that the defenses are not available to a person who unlawfully possesses a firearm and has been convicted of either a felony involving the use or attempted

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#MaKaylasLaw Killed in House Civil Justice Committee Meeting

In a vote straight down party lines, MaKayla’s Law, a bill that sought to hold gun owners responsible if a child was injured or killed with a loaded gun left unsecured and accessible, was defeated today in the House Civil Justice Committee. Those voting against the bill offered no reason for their vote in the public, televised committee meeting. “While

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