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Four Days of Gun Violence in Tennessee

This is what just four days of gun violence in Tennessee looks like.  This list is based only on stories reported by the media, meaning it is likely an undercount. Not all shootings are reported by the press. Four days 15 shooting incidents 13 injuries 6 fatalities Monday – Marshall County – 2 Fatalities Peter Michael Fantoni went to his

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Tennessee’s Growing Gun Violence Problem

Tennessee has continued the systematic loosening of our already lax firearm laws and based on legislation filed for 2018, that trend will likely continue.  Every year, the Tennessee Legislature rejects any effort to strengthen firearm laws and instead, passes legislation to further relax them. The gun lobby maintains that more guns more places for more people will make our communities

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It’s On

Over the past three weeks, we have seen our membership numbers grow, our donations increase, and the number of “likes” on our Facebook page jump. We have seen the issue of gun violence take center stage at the recent Democratic debate and candidates call out the National Rifle Association. In national conference calls, national and state gun violence prevention groups

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