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Another Tennessee Child Unintentionally Shot With An Irresponsibly Stored Gun

Friday afternoon in Lebanon, a 10-year-old boy unintentionally shot himself with his parent’s loaded, unlocked gun. The boy’s older brother called 911. The children’s parents were not home. The boy was last listed in stable condition but faces multiple surgeries. The shooting in Memphis came just over a month after the last accidental shooting involving a child. On March 27th

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UTK “Guns on Campus” Faculty Poll

The poll was sent to all faculty associated with the Knoxville campus, including UTK, UTIA, and UTSI. It included the following information: Tennessee lawmakers are considering a bill (HB1736) that would allow faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons, with a permit, on campus at public colleges and universities in the UT and Tennessee Board of Regents systems. Both university

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On Tuesday, the Senate voted 28 to 5 to pass SB2376 by Sen. Mike Bill. The bill requires all Tennessee public colleges and universities to allow permit-holding faculty and staff to carry guns on campus. Pointing out that there is a “diversity of opinion” on the issue of allowing guns on campus, Sen. Lee Harris offered an amendment would have

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Committee forgets to call expert witnesses until after vote is taken

Legislators are determined to pass a law that will allow employees, staff, and faculty who are permit holders to carry guns on all public college and university campuses.  All state post-secondary institutions are overseen by the Tennessee Board of Regents. The legislation has been opposed by every stakeholder – campus police, law enforcement, college presidents, the Tennessee Board of Regents, student

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Our Legislature Wants to Make it Easier for Convicted Violent Felons to Get Their Gun Rights Back

Yes, you read that right. Here’s the official summary of SB 1613/ HB 1565: Present law provides 10 defenses that a defendant may assert when charged with illegal possession of a weapon; provided, that the defenses are not available to a person who unlawfully possesses a firearm and has been convicted of either a felony involving the use or attempted

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