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Stop Using Psychiatry to Sell Guns

It’s enough to make a psychiatrist cringe. Speaking just days after a 17-year-old student killed eight classmates and two teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas, incoming National Rifle Association (NRA) president Oliver North blamed mass shootings on a “culture of violence” in which many young boys have “been on Ritalin” since early childhood. Dan Patrick, the pro-gun Lt.

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Dr. Jonathan Metzl named Safe Tennessee Project Director of Research

The Safe Tennessee Project is proud to welcome Dr. Jonathan Metzl as our organization’s Director of Research. Dr. Metzl is a highly regarded scholar and a regular contributor to several national news programs on the topics of gun violence, mental health, and race. Dr. Metzl has published extensively on topics pertaining to gun violence including a recent article, “Mental Illness,

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