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Law Enforcement and Firearms Instructors on Permitless Carry: “Why are they doing this? It makes no sense.”

When Governor Lee and others in the Tennessee General Assembly decided to go all in on an an NRA-backed bill that would remove the requirement to obtain a criminal background check and safety training to carry a loaded firearm in public, they knew they would get pushback from citizens and gun violence prevention advocates. And while Tennesseans and advocacy groups

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Constituent Questions – Submitted to the Committee by the Safe Tennessee Project

These questions were provided by Tennessee constituents and compiled by The Safe Tennessee Project for submission to our General Assembly.   GUNS IN PARKS (SENATE BILL 1171/ HOUSE BILL 995, SENATE BILL 314/HOUSE BILL 274) If Guns in Parks passes will this impact the insurance premiums for the public parks funded by the tax payers? Who will bear the burden

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