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Another school shooting. There have been 34 this year.

Another school shooting. Another group of grief-stricken, heartbroken families. Another student body traumatized at the sight of classmates gunned down in front of them.  Another community devastated. More photos of kids evacuating their school after a school shooting. More politicians sending thoughts and prayers who will do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening again.  More students accepting the reality

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Safe Tennessee Project Statement On Waffle House Shooting

This morning, we were shocked and devastated to learn of the mass shooting at the Antioch Waffle House that took the lives of four individuals and injured four others.  Customers were enjoying breakfast and employees were just doing their job when they were ambushed by a man armed with a military-style rifle he was prohibited from possessing.  If not for the

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“Once again, we find ourselves struggling to comprehend yet another mass shooting and staggering loss of life.  One again, our hearts are broken for the families of those who were lost, many of whom were children.  Our thoughts are with those still fighting for their lives, with the first responders, and the entire Sutherland Springs community. Since the Sandy Hook

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