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Remarks from Vanderbilt Gun Policy Discussion

As policy director for The Safe Tennessee Project, I was asked by a public policy class at Vandy to participate in a discussion on gun policy. – In the interest of providing citations for my responses, below are a series of topics from the discussion and my responses (with hyperlinks) as well as additional information that may be helpful to the students.

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The accidental shooting of a 3-year-old boy Monday night with his father’s unsecured gun is another example of an alarming Tennessee trend. Accidental shootings of both children and especially adults are up dramatically from the end of August 2015. Although both counts are higher from this time last year, the number of adult-involved accidental shootings is particularly startling. “At the end of last August, we’d

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Statement Regarding Guns on Campus

“When it comes to determining how to best keep college campuses safe, it would only make sense to listen to campus police and the Tennessee Association of Police Chiefs. And yet, not only did our legislators disregard their adamant opposition to this bill, so did our governor. According to campus police chiefs, not only will this new law make campuses

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