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Constituent Questions – Submitted to the Committee by the Safe Tennessee Project

These questions were provided by Tennessee constituents and compiled by The Safe Tennessee Project for submission to our General Assembly.   GUNS IN PARKS (SENATE BILL 1171/ HOUSE BILL 995, SENATE BILL 314/HOUSE BILL 274) If Guns in Parks passes will this impact the insurance premiums for the public parks funded by the tax payers? Who will bear the burden

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Numerous gun bills head to committee this week!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 10, 2015 Numerous gun-related bills, including “Carry like a Cop” and “No Permit Carry” bills to be heard in both House Civil Justice Subcommittee and Senate Judiciary Committee this week. While newest CDC data shows Tennessee is 9th in country for accidental firearms deaths, some lawmakers want to further relax state gun laws, allow guns more

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BREAKING – Guns in Parks, Guns in Schools, Guns in School Parking Lots…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 3, 2015 BREAKING – Guns in Parks, Guns in Schools, Guns in School Parking Lots, and Exploding Target Bills Added to Committee Agenda in House Vote Monday Night  Four firearm bills are late adds to this Wednesday’s (3/4) Civil Justice Subcommittee Agenda   Nashville – Four gun-related bills were just added to this week’s Civil Justice Subcommittee agenda. The bills were among

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Press Release Regarding Guns In Parks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 3, 2015 Guns in Parks Bills Filed to Accommodate The National Rifle Association Convention Gun violence prevention organization Safe Tennessee Project urges concerned citizens to contact their mayors, police chiefs, city councils, and Governor Haslam. 2015 is shaping up to be The Year of the Gun in Tennessee. As of the filing deadline, over 50 gun-related bills

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