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Since Sandy Hook, an American kid under 12 has died by a gun every other day

by Mike Brunker and Polly DeFrank (excerpted from MSNBC.com) There are at least 554 reasons to ask whether American children are safer from gun violence today than they were three years ago, when the unthinkable happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That’s how many kids under the age of 12 have died from gunshots — both intentional and accidental — since

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Nashville Fairground Board of Commissioners Vote to Halt Gun Shows at Fairground

  After testimony from concerned citizens, neighbors, and a local prosecutor, the board of fair commissioners voted to no longer host gun shows at the fairgrounds beginning in 2016. In a marathon board meeting this morning, the board of fair commissioners voted to no longer have gun shows at the Nashville Fairgrounds. There is a gun show planned for this

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The Wild West World of Online Gun Exchanges

  Fascinating investigation into online gun exchanges reposted from the gunsenseismything blog When gun violence prevention (GVP) advocates speak about the need for universal background checks and the need to close the gun show loophole, there is always push back from the gun lobby. When those advocates speak about the prevalence and ease of buying guns online, the gun lobby

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