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Tennessee Gun Permit Revocations Up 316 Percent From 2010

Over the last ten years, Tennessee legislators have passed numerous laws expanding where gun permit holders can carry loaded guns, including bars, parks, playgrounds, festivals, college campuses, and public transportation.  Legislators supporting these laws say that we should implicitly trust permit holders as they are more law abiding than police officers. Handgun Carry Permit holders in #Tennessee have better criminal

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Accidental Shooting Numbers Climb As Lawmakers Consider Several “Guns on Campus” Bills

In Memphis yesterday, a man accidentally shot and injured himself at a local Walgreens. This was the 17th accidental shooting incident involving an adult so far this year. There were 17 total incidents in all of 2015. Using news reports and data from The Gun Violence Archive, The Safe Tennessee Project tracks all accidental shooting incidents reported in the media.

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Tennessee sheriffs urging citizens to arm themselves. We think that’s a bad idea. Here’s why:

Like gun violence prevention advocates around the country, we at The Safe Tennessee Project are concerned about sheriffs encouraging citizens to arm themselves to thwart a possible terrorist attack. Permit holders in Tennessee undergo an 8 hour class to get their permit. Part of the class is spent on basic gun safety and part is spent on the range. Compare

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Our remarks from the “guns in parks” roundtable conversation

Hi, I’m Beth Joslin Roth and I’m the Policy Director for The Safe Tennessee Project. We’re a newly formed, nonprofit organization focused on addressing the gun violence epidemic in our state through outreach, awareness, and advocacy. We view gun violence as a public health issue. First, I’d like to thank Senator Harris and Representative Clemmons for convening this round table

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