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Senator to Abuse Victims: Laws Don’t Work. Learn Self Defense

Tuesday was a horrible day for domestic abuse victims in Tennessee. Our state is currently 5th in the nation for women murdered by men and is consistently in the top ten states for domestic violence homicide. Yet, on Tuesday March 26th, under pressure from the NRA, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to overturn 2017 law that protected abuse victims AND refused to

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Domestic Violence and Third Party Dispossession

An important bill related to domestic violence and firearm dispossession will be presented today in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 3pm in Senate Hearing Room One.  The legislation, SB1025/HB1224, would require any third party taking possession of a domestic offender’s firearms to submit a sworn affidavit to the court affirming that they are legally allowed to possess firearms and acknowledge receipt of the

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Strengthen Firearm Dispossession

Guns are used to kill women in the majority of intimate partner homicides. The presence of a gun in domestic violence situations increases the risk of homicide for women by 500%. Domestic violence incidents involving firearms are twelve times more likely to result in death than incidents involving other weapons or bodily force. Of police officers slain while responding to

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