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Another Tennessee Child Unintentionally Shot With An Irresponsibly Stored Gun

Friday afternoon in Lebanon, a 10-year-old boy unintentionally shot himself with his parent’s loaded, unlocked gun. The boy’s older brother called 911. The children’s parents were not home. The boy was last listed in stable condition but faces multiple surgeries. The shooting in Memphis came just over a month after the last accidental shooting involving a child. On March 27th

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NRA uses Money and Intimidation in Tennessee to influence Legislative Votes

  As gun violence prevention advocates and outspoken critics of the excessive amount of gun-related legislation filed this year- and especially with regards to the guns in parks bill- Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) advocates are often asked: “Why do they keep pushing these bills that no one seems to want but them?” While some legislators undoubtedly believe in the bills, for

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