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The Misrepresentation of MaKayla’s Law

One of the most frustrating aspects of fighting for #MaKayla’s Law was the way the bill was deliberately misrepresented by the National Rifle Association and the legislators who do their bidding. SB 2294/HB2058 MaKayla’s Law, was initially presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 1st by Senate Sponsor and Judiciary Committee member Sara Kyle.  MaKayla’s mom testified, asking legislators to

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#MaKaylasLaw Killed in House Civil Justice Committee Meeting

In a vote straight down party lines, MaKayla’s Law, a bill that sought to hold gun owners responsible if a child was injured or killed with a loaded gun left unsecured and accessible, was defeated today in the House Civil Justice Committee. Those voting against the bill offered no reason for their vote in the public, televised committee meeting. “While

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