Gun Violence Editorials and Analysis

Over the years, and especially since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, the gun violence in the US and the efforts to reduce it are frequently the subject of thoughtful editorials, op-eds, and analysis.

Below are a number of thoughtful editorials and analyses of gun violence and gun violence prevention.


Editorial: Physicians are right to speak out on reducing gun violence
Modern Healthcare
November 2018

Why Do We Ignore Initiatives That Reduce Gun Violence?
New York Times
October 2017

Rosanne Cash: Country Musicians, Stand Up to the N.R.A.
New York Times
October 2017

477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress
New York Times
October 2017

Gun violence’s impact on kids is undeniable
Citizen Tribune
September 2017

Tennessee Gun Safety Standards Fall Short
Commercial Appeal
August 2017

When will state legislators get fed up with gun crime?
Commercial Appeal
August  2017

Editorial: Tennessee gun lobbyists set sights higher
Knoxville News Sentinel
December 2016

Time for congress to act on gun violence
Commercial Appeal
October 2016

Break Congress’ Gridlock on Guns
Oak Ridger
July 2016


Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts
July 2016

America’s Biggest Gun Problem is Suicide
September 2015

Study: Guns in home increase suicide, homicide risk
CBS News
January 2014

50-state study: More gun laws, fewer deaths
CBS News
March 2013

High gun ownership makes countries less safe, US study finds
The Guardian
September 2013