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Mass Shootings

We define “mass shootings” as any shooting where four or more people are shot.  Although there is a tendency to think of mass shootings as a “deranged” gunman or terrorist, the reality is those types of shooting events are rare. Mass shootings are actually relatively common and almost all involve individuals who have a prior relationship to one another.  Many

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Unintentional Shootings

Tennessee has a problem with unintentional shootings. Many of these involve children. There is no federal database tracking these incidents and even organizations that do try to track them by searching news stories and police reports understand that accidental shootings are under reported. Although the term most commonly used to describe these types of shooting is “accidental” we do not

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Negligent Storage Shootings

#SafeStorageSavesLives Every year, far too many Tennessee kids are injured or killed when they or another child gains easy access to loaded, unsecured guns.  In most cases, these shooting incidents are accidental.  We track all accidental or unintentional shootings but these we classify differently as they are the direct result of an irresponsible gun owner not storing firearms safely according

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