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Remarks from Vanderbilt Gun Policy Discussion

As policy director for The Safe Tennessee Project, I was asked by a public policy class at Vandy to participate in a discussion on gun policy. – In the interest of providing citations for my responses, below are a series of topics from the discussion and my responses (with hyperlinks) as well as additional information that may be helpful to the students.

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National Suicide Prevention Month.

Dr Dana Hardy is leading our Mental Health outreach efforts for the Safe Tennessee Project. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Dr Hardy has provided us with an informative article discussing statistics and the need for both continued development and implementation of educational and suicidal prevention programs. ____________________________________ “People who talk about suicide are less likely to attempt it as

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Laws That Allow for Temporarily Removing Guns from High-Risk People Linked to a Reduction in Suicides

Gun Violence Restraining Orders can save lives because #FamiliesKnowFirst.  Learn how they are preventing suicides in this informative article originally published by The Trace. For every 10.5 guns collected under Connecticut’s gun violence restraining orders, one person was stopped from taking his or her own life, researchers estimate. Eleven states are considering similar policies. BY DAN FRIEDMAN · @DFRIEDMAN33 ·September 8, 2016 ter

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Gun violence research should be peer-reviewed and rely on verifiable facts What happens when it isn’t?

The NRA relies heavily on research conducted by economist John Lott.  But, Lott’s research is not peer-reviewed, and his most notable publication has been questioned by researchers from both sides of the gun policy debate.  A little over a decade ago, he was disgraced and his career was in tatters. Not only was Lott’s assertion that more guns leads to

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In a recent news story, Rep. Glen Casada said that the majority of gun deaths in the U.S. are ‘self-defense.”  This statement is factually incorrect.   “As someone who studies gun violence and is familiar with the available research on the subject, I can say with confidence that Rep. Casada is wrong,” said Beth Joslin Roth, policy director for The Safe Tennessee

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