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In their own words – The NRA, NSSF, and The Well-Armed Woman Address Safe Storage of Firearms

The National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, The Well-Armed Woman, and Fox News all speak to the vital importance of storing guns safely.  Why then does the NRA oppose child access prevention and safe storage legislation that would only impact irresponsible gun owners whose carelessness results in the injury or death of children? NRA GUN SAFETY RULES

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The Wild West World of Online Gun Exchanges

  Fascinating investigation into online gun exchanges reposted from the gunsenseismything blog When gun violence prevention (GVP) advocates speak about the need for universal background checks and the need to close the gun show loophole, there is always push back from the gun lobby. When those advocates speak about the prevalence and ease of buying guns online, the gun lobby

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NRA uses Money and Intimidation in Tennessee to influence Legislative Votes

  As gun violence prevention advocates and outspoken critics of the excessive amount of gun-related legislation filed this year- and especially with regards to the guns in parks bill- Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) advocates are often asked: “Why do they keep pushing these bills that no one seems to want but them?” While some legislators undoubtedly believe in the bills, for

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