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Law Enforcement and Firearms Instructors on Permitless Carry: “Why are they doing this? It makes no sense.”

When Governor Lee and others in the Tennessee General Assembly decided to go all in on an an NRA-backed bill that would remove the requirement to obtain a criminal background check and safety training to carry a loaded firearm in public, they knew they would get pushback from citizens and gun violence prevention advocates. And while Tennesseans and advocacy groups

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2018 Data: Tennessee Gun Violence Remains Serious Threat to Public Health and Public Safety

Each year, the Centers for Disease Control updates their Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) database with fatal injury data provided by state health departments. Data included in this report was sourced from the WISQARS database.  The 2018 fatal injury data was recently released. Gun violence continues to be a serious public health issue in Tennessee. Based on

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Incidents on College Campuses that Allow Campus Carry

Legislation has recently been introduced in Tennessee that would allow students with gun permits to carry firearms on the campus of any public college or university, including in residence halls, classrooms, offices, fraternity houses, cafeterias, and athletic facilities. In 2016, the Tennessee legislature passed a law to allow faculty and full-time employees with permits to carry guns on campus, although

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Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities and Extreme Risk Protection Orders

The push to enact Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities is largely based on intentional disinformation being spread about Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as “red flag laws.”  Currently, there is a great deal of confusion about both what a Second Amendment Sanctuary City resolution does and how, if they were to be passed, Extreme Risk Protection Orders would be implemented.

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