A Few Recent Examples of Why School Employees Carrying Guns in Schools is a Bad Idea

We conducted a systematic review of publicly-reported incidents involving mishandled guns on school campuses. We analyzed data from the Gun Violence Archive from the last two years. The majority of incidents we found over the last 24 months took place after Parkland, as the push to arm teachers and school employees increased across the country.

Tennessee legislators are currently considering legislation that would allow any school employee with a gun permit to carry loaded guns inside K-12 schools. Law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students all oppose the idea. Let legislators know you oppose the legislation and tell them to Vote NO on HB1380/SB1399.

Blount County substitute teacher accidentally shoots gun in classroom – March 22, 2019
A gun being carried in the pocket of a substitute teacher and permit holder in Blount County discharged in a first-grade classroom.

Mustang High School Put Under Short Lockdown After Gun Belonging to School Employee Was Found On Campus – January 17, 2019
An Oklahoma high school was placed on a brief lockdown after a loaded gun was found inside an unattended bag on campus. School officials said they later determined that the gun belonged to an employee who has a certified handgun license.

Gun found on elementary school campus in Claiborne County – January 16, 2019
A loaded weapon left in a school restroom over a weekend. The superintendent of the Mississippi school district described it as a “personnel issue.”

Two teenagers in custody after teacher’s gun goes missing at north St. Louis County school – October 25, 2018
A middle school teacher brought a gun to Central Middle School in Missouri. After school hours, the gun was reported missing.  A 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy were taken into custody in connection to the gun’s disappearance.

Loaded gun fell out of substitute teacher’s waistband on Pinellas County playground – October 24, 2018
A Florida substitute teacher’s gun was loaded with 19 rounds of ammunition when it fell out of his waistband on an elementary school playground. He was teaching third graders how to do cartwheels.

Bartlett High football coach charged with bringing gun onto campus – October 5, 2018
A volunteer football coach in Illinois was arrested after an unloaded gun fell out of his backpack during pre-game warm-ups.

Police presence at school after teacher found with gun – May 29, 2018
In Pennsylvania, aa student bumped into a teacher’s bag in class, revealing a firearm. The teacher is a registered gun owner.

Substitute teacher arrested for allegedly taking handgun into elementary school – May 16, 2018
A substitute teacher took a handgun in her purse to Harmony Elementary School in Pickens County, Georgia. Several students saw the handgun, which was visible in her open purse.

Gun-Trained Teacher Accidentally Shoots Gun In Calif. High School Classroom – March 4, 2018
A high school teacher accidentally discharged his gun during a lesson on gun safety at Seaside High School in California.

North Georgia teacher convicted for opening fire in classroom – February 28, 2018
A high school teacher barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a .38-caliber handgun when the principal tried to get inside.

Staff member found with gun at Sacred Heart School in Glyndon – October 30, 2017
A staff member at a K–8 school in Maryland left a loaded gun in the restroom.

Teacher shoots self at Lithia Springs High School – August 18, 2017
A longtime high school math teacher intentionally shot himself in the head inside his Georgia classroom.

Father of student speaks out about gun found in vehicle – May 19, 2017
A Texas School District Superintendent, who holds a state license to carry and had previously been authorized by the school board to carry a concealed handgun, left her loaded gun in a school district van. The district has a “Guardian Plan,” which allowed the superintendent to carry.  Her gun was found by a student-athlete the next time the van was used for an athletic event.

Kindergarten teacher allegedly drunk, carrying loaded pistol at school – March 30, 2017
In Georgia, a staff member reported that a kindergarten teacher smelled like she’d been drinking and school officials began an investigation. A loaded gun was found in her purse.