Below are the priority firearm-related bills that we will be tracking during the 2019 legislative session. Offense Legislation are bills that Safe Tennessee supports, including the four that we worked with legislators to draft and file. Defense Legislation are bills that we oppose. This list is subject to change as bills are amended and their intent changes.

Offense Legislation

Bill Subject Composite Abstract
HB1224 by Potts

SB1025 by Yarbro

Dispossession and Third Party Accountability As introduced, requires the court to order that a defendant convicted of domestic violence who transfers possession of firearms to a third party must have the third party complete and return to the court an affidavit certifying that the third party is not prohibited from possessing firearms, acknowledges receipt of firearms from the defendant, and accepts their responsibility under this section.   — Safe Tennessee Bill —
HB0260 by Johnson G

SB0258 by Kyle

MaKayla’s Law – Child Access Prevention As introduced, expands the offense of reckless endangerment to include a person’s reckless failure to render inoperable or safely secure or lock a firearm, resulting in a child under 13 years of age gaining possession of the firearm and injuring or killing the child or another.  — Safe Tennessee Bill —
HB1049 by Johnson G

SB0943 by Kyle

Red Flag Law/Extreme Risk Protection Order As introduced, authorizes the issuance of an extreme risk protection order that a law enforcement officer may seek to prevent a restrained person from being able to lawfully possess a firearm when the officer believes that the person is a danger to the person or another. –– Safe Tennessee Bill —
HB1446 by DeBerry

SB1178 by Dickerson

Red Flag Law/Extreme Risk Protection Order As introduced, allows a law enforcement officer or person who has a relationship with the respondent to petition a court for the issuance of an extreme risk protection order based on clear and convincing evidence that the respondent poses a significant risk of causing personal injury to the respondent or others by possessing a firearm.
HB1427 by Stewart

SB1010 by Gilmore

Expanded Background Checks As introduced, requires, when neither the seller nor purchaser of a firearm is a licensed gun dealer that the transaction be completed through a licensed gun dealer, and that the dealer perform the same background check required for purchases from licensed gun dealers. — Safe Tennessee Bill —
HB1428 by Stewart

SB1011 by Gilmore

Gun Seller Accountability As introduced, creates the Class A misdemeanor offense of illegal transfer of a firearm to a prohibited possessor; prohibits the intentional transfer to a person who is known or should be known to be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm.
HB0568 by Lamar

SB0828 by Akbari

Dispossession and Orders of Protection As introduced, requires local law enforcement to conduct in-person checks to ensure person subject to order of protection has complied with dispossession of firearms requirement; makes various other changes regarding the dispossession of firearms requirement.
HB1476 by Hardaway

SB1312 by Kyle

Child Access Prevention – Vehicles and Boats As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of leaving a firearm or ammunition in a motor vehicle or boat without the firearm or ammunition being stored in a locked cabinet, safe, vault, case, or secured with a firearm locking device if the vehicle or boat is left unattended or with a person under 18 years of age; directs fines collected be deposited in the criminal injuries compensation fund and the domestic violence community education fund.
HB0801 by White M

SB0813 by Akbari

Child Access Prevention – Vehicles and Boats As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of leaving a firearm or firearm ammunition unattended or with a person under 18 years of age in a motor vehicle or boat, if the firearm is not locked in a trunk, glove box, or interior of the person’s motor vehicle or boat.
HB1119 by Freeman

SB1415 by Jackson

Stalking While in Possession of Firearm As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of possessing a firearm if a person has a prior conviction of stalking.
HB1447 by Moody

SB0865 by Bowling

Domestic Violence and Gun Permits As introduced, requires a handgun carry permit holder convicted of domestic assault to surrender the permit to the court within 48 hours of conviction to be forwarded to the department of safety for revocation.
HB0135 by Love

SB0035 by Gilmore

Firing into Crowds As introduced, creates the Class C felony offense of reckless endangerment by discharging a firearm into a parade, religious service, concert, athletic event, political event, educational event, or into any other group of 25 or more people who are lawfully assembled.
HB0002 by Staples

SB0010 by Briggs

Increased Penalty for  Road Rage and Drive By Shootings As introduced, enacts the “JaJuan Latham Act,” which increases the penalty for an aggravated assault or homicide that occurs by a person discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle and the victim is a minor at the time of the offense.
SB0603 by Jackson

HB1116 by Coley

Increased Penalty for Road Rage Shootings As introduced, increases the punishment for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon to a Class D felony if the offense occurred during a road rage incident.

Defense Legislation

Bill Subject Composite Abstract
HB0409 by Griffey

SB1275 by Pody

Strengthens Stand Your Ground As introduced, confers criminal and civil immunity upon a person who uses or threatens force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense from a person committing a criminal offense, unless the person against whom force is used is a law enforcement officer during discharge of the officer’s duties and the person knows the person is an officer.
HB0645 by Van Huss

SB0564 by Bowling

Reduces Punishment for Carrying Gun Illegally As introduced, reduces the punishment for a first violation of unlawful carrying of a handgun; prohibits law enforcement officer from confiscating the person’s handgun and requires issuance of citation in lieu of arrest for such offense.
HB1264 by Holt

SB0705 by Stevens

Changes Permit System – Opens Multiple Titles in Code As introduced, creates a concealed handgun carry permit, which allows a person to carry a concealed handgun; redesignates the existing handgun carry permit as an enhanced handgun carry permit.
HB0187 by Reedy

SB0446 by Bell

Mandates Cities to Allow Shooting Ranges As introduced, enacts the “Second Amendment Civil Rights Act of 2019”; confers private rights of action upon a person to challenge government regulation of gun or sport shooting ranges.
HB0494 by Doggett

SB0423 by Hensley

Eliminates Tax on Ammunition As introduced, eliminates the special privilege tax on ammunition.