Volunteer Boot Camp Training!

After months of organizing and planning, we are ready to rollout our Volunteer Boot Camp training program!  These boot camps will cover everything from the history of the second amendment and the NRA, to federal and state gun policy, to legislation we are working on for 2019, to the many different ways that volunteers can use their time and talents to fight for safer communities and schools.

There are many gun violence prevention and gun safety organizations out there. What makes Safe Tennessee different is that we are the only grassroots group based in Tennessee.  Decisions, from policy to outreach to research, are made here.

Safe Tennessee has become the “go to” gun policy resource for legislators, candidates, and journalists in our state. We frame gun violence as an issue of public health and focus on academic research and data, especially research and data specific to Tennessee.

So far, we’ve operated as a relatively small organization, but it’s time to step up the work we’re doing and we need to grow to do so. This fall, we hope to organize and mobilize a team of volunteers across the state to help us. Whether you have 10-15 hours a week, or just a few hours a month, we need you. Whether you want to be involved in drafting legislation or assisting with data entry, we need you.

Becoming a Safe Tennessee volunteer is not only a way to take a stand against gun violence, it’s also great experience for anyone with an interest in public policy, communications, and nonprofit development and organization. Volunteers and especially volunteer leaders will be directly involved in making decisions about legislation and advocacy efforts that will directly impact efforts to reduce gun violence in Tennessee.

The Volunteer Boot Camps will be held on three different dates:

Thursday August 23, 6-8pm

Sunday September 9, 2-4pm

Tuesday September 18, 10am – noon

To RSVP for a bootcamp, click here.

All will take place at Second Presbyterian Church, 3511 Belmont Blvd, Nashville 37215

Please feel free to encourage others to join us! Just make sure that they RSVP so we have enough materials and snacks for all attendees.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last three and half years and are excited about what we can accomplish with a strong team of volunteers!