Safe Tennessee Project Statement On Waffle House Shooting

This morning, we were shocked and devastated to learn of the mass shooting at the Antioch Waffle House that took the lives of four individuals and injured four others.  Customers were enjoying breakfast and employees were just doing their job when they were ambushed by a man armed with a military-style rifle he was prohibited from possessing.  If not for the brave actions of James Shaw Jr., the hero who disarmed the shooter, there’s little doubt more people would have been hurt.

Our thoughts are with the brave members of law enforcement who continue to search for the shooter who is presumed to be armed.  Our hearts are broken for the families of those whose loved ones were taken, and our thoughts are with those who are still fighting for their lives. Our thoughts are also with those who witnessed the shootings and the brave first responders on the scene. Bearing witness to a mass shooting and its aftermath will undoubtedly haunt them for years to come.

But we know that thoughts and prayer are not enough. We appreciate the words of Mayor Briley and agree that there is much we can do as a nation and a state to prevent shootings like this. The Safe Tennessee Project remains fully committed to fighting the gun violence plaguing our country.

U.S. mass shootings this year: 67

Mass shootings in Tennessee this year: 3
Injuries: 10
Deaths: 7

Mass shootings in Tennessee last year: 16
Injuries: 66
Deaths: 8

Data from The Gun Violence Archive.  The Safe Tennessee Project tracks all mass shootings (four or more people shot in single incident) that occur in Tennessee.