Five Unintentional Shootings, Three Fatal, in Tennessee Already This Month

Not even halfway through October and there have already five unintentional shootings in Tennessee, three of them fatal.  Each one the result of carelessness and negligence with a loaded firearm.  With two and half months to go in 2017, the number of unintentional, fatal shootings has already surpassed the total number from 2016.


2017 Year to Date
63 Incidents
40 Injuries
22 Fatalities
* Includes one unintentional shooting incident where two people were injured

2016 Year End Totals
84 Incidents*
66 Injuries
16 Deaths
* There were two unintentional shooting incidents where there was no injury


October 10, 2017 – Clarksville – Adult – Fatality
A 24-year-old man was cleaning his Glock when it discharged, striking a 19-year-old friend in the torso, killing him.

October 8, 2017 – Memphis – Child – Fatality
An 8-year-old boy fatally shot himself with a loaded gun his father had placed under some covers on a bed near the boy and another child. The father was arrested and charged with reckless homicide and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

October 7, 2017 – Nashville – Adult – Fatality
An 18-year-old was eating breakfast when the gun in his pocket fell to the ground and discharged, shooting him in the chest and killing him.

October 5, 2017 – Nashville – Adult – Injury
An corrections officer is being treated after she unintentionally shot herself in the leg during firearms training near Riverbend Maximum Security Institution.

October 4, 2017 – Cookeville – Child – Injury
A 16-year-old was injured from what’s reported to be an unintentional gunshot wound to the leg. No word on who shot the teen, the type of gun, or who the gun belonged to.,23603