Our Hearts Are Broken, Again, By Another Mass Shooting in America

“We at The Safe Tennessee Project are deeply saddened by the mass shooting in Las Vegas overnight and the truly astonishing number of people killed and injured.  Our hearts are broken for the families of those who were lost, and our thoughts are with those who are still fighting for their lives. Our thoughts are also with those who witnessed the shootings and the brave first responders on the scene. Bearing witness to a mass shooting and its aftermath will undoubtedly haunt them for years to come.

To lose a loved one in such an unexpected and violent way is sadly too common in our country. Like Tennesseans and Americans everywhere, we will continue to pray for the victims, their families, and the city of Las Vegas.  But, we know that thoughts and prayers are not nearly enough. We remain committed to fighting the gun violence plaguing our country. Doing nothing isn’t an option. It can’t be.”