On Wednesday March 8th, four bills will be heard in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee.  In addition to the fact the bills are unnecessary and dangerous, they are also expensive.  Two of the bills carry fiscal notes reflecting potential loss of millions of dollars in federal funding.  If HB508 and HB884 were to pass, the state would stand to lose nearly a BILLION dollars in federal funding.  Contacts for the Civil Justice Subcommittee members are posted below.

HB 0061 by Rogers
Seeks to allow licensed firearms sellers to sell guns from their own personal collection without requiring background checks on the buyer.
Firearms and Ammunition – As introduced, treats a licensed firearms dealer the same as a private citizen by allowing the dealer to occasionally sell, exchange, or transfer firearms from the dealer’s personal collection without conducting a background check on the buyer.
 – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.

HB 0508 by Lamberth (co-sponsors Holt, Casada, Reedy, Williams, Eldridge, Rogers, Halford, Faison, Goins, Farmer, White D, Hawk, Butt, Littleton, Coley, Matheny, Pody, Rudd, Powers, VanHuss, Hill M, Hill T, Ragan, Sexton J, Terry, Gravitt, Byrd, Kumar, Sanderson
Seeks to make it easier to sue any private business or public entity for prohibiting or restricting guns on their property.  Seeks to prohibit cities and even the state from enacting prohibitions and restrictions on carry of guns.
Firearms and Ammunition – As introduced, creates a private cause of action for a party that is adversely affected by a local ordinance, resolution, policy, rule, or other enactment on firearms that is preempted by state law; prohibits local or state government entities from prohibiting or restricting firearms on state or local property unless certain conditions are met. – Amends TCA Title 29, Chapter 20 and Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.
FISCAL NOTE: Exceeds $200,000/One-Time/Permissive Exceeds; $1,000,000/Recurring/Permissive – Jeopardizes as much as  $436,179,800 in federal funding.

HB 0884 by Matheny
Seeks to allow anyone with a gun permit to carry their firearm anywhere they want.  The only exceptions would be if the person has been drinking alcohol, is in court, or doesn’t alert the principal of a school.
Handgun Permits – As introduced, permits a valid handgun carry permit holder to carry a firearm at any time and in all places in Tennessee unless the permit holder has been drinking alcohol, is in a judicial proceeding, or is on school grounds and does not tell the principal. – Amends TCA Section 39-17-1351(b).
FISCAL NOTE: Passage of the bill could put the Departments of Education and Children’s Services out of compliance with federal regulations. The amount and timing of federal funding that could be jeopardized is unknown. Annual federal funding for both departments totals approximately $436,179,800.

HB 1006 by Holt (co-sponsor Eldridge)
Seeks to further expand “stand your ground” law by making it easier to use self-defense as a defense for shooting someone, not just in cases when a life is in danger but also if the person is committing a criminal offense.
Firearms and Ammunition – As introduced, confers criminal and civil immunity upon a person who uses or threatens force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense from a person committing criminal offense, unless the person is a law enforcement officer during discharge of the officer’s duties and the person knows the person against whom force is used is a law enforcement officer
. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 11, Part 6 and Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.


Rep. Mike Carter
Phone: (615) 741-3025


Rep. Bill Beck
Phone: (615) 741-3229

Rep. Glen Casada
Phone: (615) 741-4389

Rep. Martin Daniel
Phone: (615) 741-2287

Rep. Andrew Farmer
Phone: (615) 741-4419

Rep. G.A. Hardaway
Phone: (615) 741-5625

Rep. Debra Moody
Phone: (615) 741-3774