Accidental Shootings in Tennessee More Than Double Numbers From Last Year

Accidental shootings of both children and adults up significantly in 2016accidental-shooting3

Not quite two months into the new year and Tennessee is on pace for even more accidental shootings of both adults and children than in 2015.

The Centers for Disease Control ranks Tennessee 9th in the nation for accidental shootings. Last year, the CDC reported that accidental shootings were “the most distinctive cause of death” in Tennessee, a dubious distinction shared only by Alabama.

“Accidental shootings happen for a variety of reasons but all have a common denominator: gun owners being irresponsible with their gun,” said Beth Joslin Roth, Policy Director for The Safe Tennessee Project. “Whether they leave it where a child can find it or they don’t clear the chamber before cleaning it, the end result is the same. Someone, often a child, is injured or killed. The most frustrating aspect of these shootings is that they are 100% preventable if the gun owner practices basic gun safety.”

This time last year, there were a total of three accidental shooting incidents involving children- two injuries and one death. There were three accidental shootings incidents involving adults – three injuries and no deaths.

But so far this year, there have been a total of eight accidental shooting incidents involving children – six injuries and two deaths. There have also been eight accidental shootings incidents involving adults – seven injuries and one death.

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Last year, on average, there were just under 2 incidents a month involving children and around 1 1/2 incidents a month involving adults.

The Safe Tennessee Project tracks all unintentional shootings that are reported in the media.