#WearingOrange because we are #NotATarget

Everyone has their own reason for taking a stand against the epidemic of gun violence.

If you read through stories appearing today alongside the #WearingOrange moniker you will see families ripped apart by gun violence. Children lost to gangs, babies stolen in their cribs by stray bullets and mothers taken from their sons by the depths of depression and easy access to firearms.

everyoneEach person wearing orange today has a story and their own reason for getting involved. Here at The Safe Tennessee Project, we are focused on Tennesseans. We are Volunteers. We are #NotATarget.

We are #WearingOrange to distinguish ourselves. To stand out. To stand up.

Get involved today. Make your voice heard. There are many reputable gun violence prevention organizations in this list of participants. Choose the one that speaks to you and make a difference in your community.